Things? Words! All between singular covers?! Asiasana is the magazine for any and all members of UDK, about things both related and important to them. Our articles cover various topics, but behind the scenes, there’s always the same burning passion. Asiasana is already fifty years old. One would think that what we do would have stiffened by now, but no way! This middle-ager parties like a crazy animal.

The amazingness of Asiasana is increased by the fact that we don’t only offer written words. That is covered by various Asiasana-related video projects, livestreams from events and our regularly uploaded podcast on Spotify, AJ-Pod!

You can find our articles right here on UDK’s website and on Asiasana’s Instagram account @Asiasanalehti. Yksittäisten artikkelien lisäksi julkaisemme neljä kertaa vuodessa kokoavan numeron digitaalisena. Näitä julkaisuja juhlistetaan jäsenistölle avoimilla julkkaribileillä.


Asiasana 2023

Päätoimittaja Onni Seppänen