Educational affairs

Educational affair officials (in short: kopo) can be contacted in all matters regarding studies. Is Sisu giving you trouble? What’s the policy on vouchers for internships? Is your grade taking its time? Was a course very well conducted - or the opposite? Contact a kopo! All educational matters, big or small, can be discussed with educational affair officials. They can also give you the contacts for the right specialists in any question.

Educational affair officials (in short: kopo) work together with students and Degree Programme personnel to ensure that students' perspective is taken into account when the curriculum is planned and conducted. Together with the yearly elected student representatives the officials ensure that students' views are heard in steering groups for Information Studies, Media Studies and Game Studies. In addition the officials represent UDK in the facultys steering group for education. Information Studies and Media Studies educational affair officials also take part in the degree programme committee for the multidisciplinary degree programme in communication studies. The officials consult these groups and communicate current topics with members. The officials may also participate monthly in “A cup of Kopo'' meetings hosted by the student union TREY. 

Educational affair officials plan and conduct learning circles for new students during the first study period. The officials may create questionnaires through the year to ensure members opinions on current educational topics are heard. Questionnaires may also be used to collect feedback about courses. 

You can contact the officials by filling out kysy kopolta -formby sending email to all educational affair officials at kopo@udk.fior by contacting your degree programme educational affair official personally.