Mailing list

UDKn postituslista on – listalla tiedotetaan esimerkiksi UDKn tapahtumista sekä muusta relevantista viestintäkirjeiden muodossa. Liittyminen sähköpostilistalle tapahtuu lähettämällä viestiä IT-vastaavalle (tai toimihenkilölle). Listoilta poistuminen tapahtuu samaa kautta.

Jos haluat lähettää listalle viestin, laita sähköpostin vastaanottajaksi Huomaathan, että lähettääksesi sähköpostia listalle sinun täytyy olla ensin liittyneenä sille.

In a month there are generally a few emails about events and other relevant topics. These might go to the spam folder, so it is advised to mark them as not spam.

Mailing list for freshers

Tiedottaminen fukseille tapahtuu fuksien sähköpostilistalla Fukseille liittyvistä tapahtumista ja muista asioista tiedotetaan tällä listalla.


UDK uses Telegram for communication, where you can find general informing, event informing and a more general chat UDKamut. Freshers of different years have their own Telegram-groups, where they can communicate with other freshmen and tutors. The link to these channels can be found attached to the mailing list emails or by asking a member of our student board.


On our Instagram there are posts about the events organized by UDK and other topics. You can find out a lot about UDK by following us there!


UDK has a Discord group, where you can find people to play with or just generally chat. Sometimes game nights are also held there. You can get an invite link to the Discord by asking our games representative on Telegram (@jemunemu) or in the UDK Telegram group.


You can find our TikTok by @udk_ry. All sorts of entertaining videos related to the events and activity of UDK can be found there, in addition to relatable material related to studies or other things! If you record videos at UDK events, feel free to send them to our TikTok representative, so they can be used there!