Annual Celebrations

Annual Celebrations

Annual Celebrations Traditionally, the UDK anniversary is celebrated in the autumn every five years. The anniversary is the most valuable celebration of the organization, which should be reflected in the dress and behavior of the guests. The guideline is made to understand the traditions associated with the celebration and to get the most out of the magical celebration. It is not worth nervousness, because good manners go a long way. So please acknowledge your avec, your table company and other party guests.

Dress code

The basis of the anniversary dress code is the dress code "dark lounge suit". According to the dress code, you can thus wear a dark suit, an evening dress made of festive material, or a full-length dress. The most important thing, however, is to have fun and be comfortable in your own outfit. 

The dark suit should be more festive than the ordinary everyday suit. The color of the dress should be patternless as well as black, very dark grey or deep dark blue. The shirt and pocket handkerchief are white. The tie is restrained in colour and moderate in possible pattern. Shoes are black unadorned lace shoes.

The evening dress or full-length dress should be festive material. The dress details, color and accessories are freely selectable with elegance in mind. Shoes worn with an evening dress or full-length dress are closed-toed. 

Long hair flowing free is not part of the dress code. Hair that extends to the shoulders and longer should be up.

However, UDK wants the party to be a nice and safe event for everyone so the dress codes are not absolute and the most important thing is to come in a costume that you enjoy!

Academic decorations

Academic decorations are carried on the left front of the suit. No pocket cloth is used with merit badges.

UDK members have the right to wear a UDK’s organization ribbon at the anniversary, which crowns the costume.

With the suit, the ribbon is dressed to go diagonally down from the right shoulder to the left. With an evening gown, the organization ribbon can be worn either as a rosette on the left breast or to go from top to left down to right. With the evening gown, the material organization ribbon usually goes around the body, unless it is knotted into a rosette.

UDK organization ribbon can be purchased at the clubroom. 

The course of the celebration

The official part of the annual party consists of an evening party, preceded by a cocktail party for invited guests, during which different communities can give their gifts. The evening celebration begins with a welcome speech. You can find your own table in the plaque map. It is polite to introduce yourself to those members of the table party who are not already known.


The evening celebration includes a three-course dinner with food, drinks, as well as party coffee and avec. When serving begins, it is polite to expect that all members of the table party have received their serving before starting the meal. However, a warm main course can be started once the people next to you have received their servings. First, the outer covered cutlery is used. The dinner card includes a few rounds of drinks. The time for cognac ears to be folded from the napkin is only when the dessert arrives.


The programme of the evening event consists of speeches, performances, rewards and songs. During speeches and performances the speaker and the performer must be respected. During these, it is not appropriate to discuss, eat or drink. It is especially objectionable to rise from one's seat during performances or speeches. Returning to one's seat is polite to schedule until the end of the performance or speech. At the end of the speeches, it is customary to raise a toast. 

After party

From the anniversary party, the evening is continued to the official afterparty of the anniversary party, where at the latest you should loosen the bow tie, maybe change the evening gown to a shorter hem and throw the etiquette away! The fun continues until the morning.

Accademic sillis

The morning following the anniversary may dawn rather powerless for many. So it is time to head for relief for the traditional silliaamiainen, or more familiarly, sillis. Sillis is definitely an art form of its own, which is worth giving everything to! The annual party is a pre-party, so it's worth putting on your overalls and letting your inner UDK dude loose. It's the main day!