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Students in Information Studies, Media Studies and Game Studies at the University of Tampere – UDK is a student organisation aimed at combining students in the subject, promoting their interests and organising diverse activities for their members. UDK students are all students of these three subjects.

Membership options are annual membership (18 €), permanent membership (32 €) ja supporting membership (50€).

The permanent membership is paid only once during the studies. 

Annual membership is valid for one year, and is therefore ideal for exchange students, for example.

A person who wishes to support the purpose and activities of the association can be accepted as a supporting member. Support membership is valid for one year.

Students of minor subjects can join after collecting 20 credits for studies in Information Studies, Media Studies and/or Game Studies.

Joining instructions

Whether you are a student of Information Studies, Media Studies, Game Studies or a student of minor subject at the University of Tampere, become a member!

Membership is bought by filling your information to Google Forms and then paying your membership through UDKs webshop..

Once you have bought a membership, you can apply for access to the UDK clubroom through this form. If you have a problem with the form, you can also send your full name, student number and email directly to the UDK Secretary.