Becoming a Tutor

Tutor recruitment takes place every spring between the months February and March:

The tutor coordinators of the board gather a group of tutors in the spring. Anyone who is an enthusiastic student of information studies, media studies, or game studies can apply to become a tutor. Good qualities for tutors include enthusiasm, a willingness to help new people and get to know them, a readiness to join and introduce new students to the activities of UDK, and the ability to guide them in both big and small questions. It is worth noting that the tutor does not need to have all the answers themselves, but the main thing is that the tutor can guide in the right direction to find the answer.

No one needs to start from scratch because both the university and TREY provide training for tutoring. 

Why become a tutor?

Do you remember your first day at university? The experience can be scary, exciting, confusing, wonderful, or all of these! New students in the fall need support, help, and someone to encourage them. Tutors provide peer support to new students, which is invaluable in this situation!

Tutoring is incredibly fun and a great way to get to know new and interesting people. All students can become tutors, as long as they have interest and enthusiasm. Tutoring can be done alongside your own studies, and no one is expected to become a full-time tutor. On top of all this, tutoring gives you two credits!

If you are interested in tutoring, follow the UDK list when spring arrives, or contact the tutoring organizers!

International Tutoring

International tutors provide support especially for the new Game Studies students. International tutoring is somewhat different from national tutoring, as there are fewer international tutors, but more responsibility - your tutees may be coming to Finland for the first time in their lives! Therefore, international tutors need commitment and a willingness to practice their own English skills. However, international tutoring is a great way to meet new people and fill your studies with an international perspective.