Members' educational, vocational and social rights are advocated by the advocacy team.

Educational affair officials (in short: kopo) work together with students and Degree Programme personnel to ensure that students' perspective is taken into account when the curriculum is planned and conducted. Together with the yearly elected student representatives the officials ensure that students' views are heard in steering groups for Information Studies, Media Studies and Game Studies. In addition the officials represent UDK in the faculty’s steering group for education. Information Studies and Media Studies educational affair officials also take part in the degree programme committee for the multidisciplinary degree programme in communication studies. The officials consult these groups and communicate current topics with members. The officials may also participate monthly in “A cup of Kopo'' meetings hosted by the student union TREY. 

Kopon pestiin kuuluu lähtökohtaisesti myös vuosittaisesta uusille opiskelijoille suunnatusta opintopiiristä vastaaminen. Kopot keräävät opiskelijoilta tietoa suunnitteluryhmätyöskentelyn tueksi esim. kopokyselyin tai kopokahveilla. 

Social affairs official communicates to members about matters regarding health, housing, income and emotional well-being. The official may take part in social affairs meetings hosted by the student union TREY.

Equality official takes care that all that happens in UDK is arranged in a way that equality is advocated. They endorse the use of principles for safer space in UDK events.

Harassment contact persons can be found at events. The contact persons for each event are communicated beforehand and also in events. In addition to contact persons, any and all harassment may be reported to the organizers of the event and any member of the board. After an event, harassment may be reported through the harassment form.

Student representatives are yearly elected representatives in degree programme steering groups. The representatives do not have to be members of UDK.