UDK is surrounded by lots of fun and events during the semesters. The events are open to all members of the association and future events are announced both in the event calendar, the UDK mailing list and in the UDK's Telegram event announcements. The standard includes for example weekly coffee moments at our clubroom.

The current topics of UDK will reach you from Instagram @udkry, Telegram announcement groups and the UDK mailing list.

Tutors are active during the autumn semesters and help new students in Information Studies, Media Studies and Game Studies to adapt to their new and exciting life situation.

The UDK also publishes its own association magazine, Asiasana. Asiasana publishes articles on the Asiasana section of the website and other content on Instagram, for example, @asiasanalehti

UDK's Board usually meets once a month. The meetings will discuss both past and future challenges and are open to all members of the UDK.

Even after the study years, UDK's alumni activities keep you in touch with former students and organize various events where you can remember old memories or maintain networks created during your studies.