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Continuing my second year as an international organizer, this year I have a whole new perspective to the way things work in the international side of the university. Last spring the tutees were the responsibility of the previous international organizer, so my duties really only began in the autumn (apart from tutor recruitment and training), I didn’t have the foggiest idea of what it is like to actually be partly responsible of people that have come across the world to Tampere and the whole summer to worry about it. Turns out once everyone has safely arrived to Tampere and got themselves a roof above their heads, it really is kinda fine and Tampere doesn’t seem to be that complicated of a place to stay in (who knew?).

Following the turbulent times of the university merge in combination with the growth of UDK this year, I’m glad I have a year of experience and an approximate knowledge of how stuff works in the university and, I cannot stress this enough, knowledge of who to ask when I haven’t a clue of what is going on. In addition to these changes, there are some potentially exciting changes in international tutoring next autumn, as there will be a Guidebook app dedicated to international students arriving to Tampere so they can find out about Tampere and Tampere University before arriving, a common orientation week for ALL new students and most likely some cooperation with Hervanta campus and improved internal communication in the city centre campus, which has already been happening.

I have not yet received information on the arriving international students, but judging from last year it will most likely be a colourful bunch of people from all over the world (last year we had 8 students from 5 different countries)! Another thing to keep in mind this year is the promotion of common events together with both Finnish and international students, which has been kind of a weird situation because I learned last year that most Masters Degree students really only just came here to study, but providing events for those who are interested in getting to know the local students should be a unique chance for both Finnish and international students to get to know each other!

Lastly, I would like to remind YOU that if you are reading this, it is not too late to apply to become an international tutor, or even just a contact person to organize events and meetings with the international students! International tutors are accepted all year round (although you do have to participate in at least one training session) and get a monetary compensation, different to regular tutors. If any of this tickled your fancy to tutor internationally, sparked your interest to speak English with international students or something else about international stuff at the university popped in your mind (ever thought about studying abroad yourself?), don’t hesitate to contact me at! (English and Finnish are both fine)

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