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Student organization UDK

UDK is a registered association for students studying in Information Studies and Interactive Media (including MDP in Internet and Game Studies). UDK is ran by a board of annually chosen students and aims to bring students together, advocate their rights and interests and organize all sorts of events for members. Members of UDK are generally students studying Information Studies and Interactive Media and lifetime membership is granted after a one-time fee.

UDK was founded in 1968 and registered as an association for the first time in 1974.

You can contact us via e-mail at udk(at)

How to join UDK:

If you are a student studying Information Studies and Interactive Media in the University of Tampere, you can join UDK with the following transaction:

Amount: 15,00€
Account number: FI83 4726 6020 0036 55 (POP Bank)
Message: Membership fee Firstname Lastname (for example, Membership fee Sam Student)

This will grant you permanent membership, access with your student card to UDK student space in Pinni B and you can join all UDK events, including board meetings and event organizing!